Monday, October 17, 2016

Our Journey to A Mortgage Free Home ... #8

In the last post I shared the sudden dilemma we found ourselves in and left you with this phrase ...

"Next, the rush to get one room ready for us to live in!"

        Well, we actually had to get more than one room ready ... but let's start with the bedroom which was our first 'one room' ...

The floor had some major issues in the big room so we opted to cover it all with hardwood flooring  ... first came tar paper, then we installed advantech board.

Next came the insulation ... in the ceiling and walls!

We put OSB board on the walls over the insulation to have something sturdy to nail the drywall boards to.  You can see the advantech board we installed on the floor in this picture.  We also installed the windows which was a gift to us from a couple in the community.

Next came the drywall and lots and lots of sanding!  It's beginning to take shape isn't it????

My husband did the window casings!

And a very dear friend installed our hardwood flooring for us free of charge. (So many people helped us in this journey, especially during the time when we were living in the garage, and we are forever indebted to them.)  We painted the walls and window framing.

We did the ceilings and put up a ceiling fan. (Sorry about the fuzzy picture.)   The strike plates went on over the electrical outlets (not shown)  and the bedroom was complete enough ... but there's another room that has to be done before we can move in ... can you guess what it is????

That's what I'll share about the next time ...

One more thing ... Here's a before and after shot of the bedroom ... what do you think???

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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