Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Building a One Month Basic Preparedness Pantry ... part 5

You can read previous posts HERE along with an explanation of why I'm doing this series HERE. 

In this post we're going to talk about water … water to drink, water to flush your toilet, water for your animals and water to run your household.

In a disaster situation drinkable, useable water is often the first thing that becomes unavailable and is the one thing we cannot live without.

Several days after some of the stores in our area had electricity restored they still did not have safe water to drink or bathrooms for customers use.  One store set up port-a-potties outside the store.  Another store limited the number of customers that could be in the store at one time to 25 because there was no water for the store sprinkler system. Both of these are very large nationally well-known stores.

Drinkable, useable water was trucked into our area by the tractor trailer loads for several weeks. Watering stations were set up in different locations so people could get the water they needed.   For those who were trapped by the flood waters or damaged roads getting drinkable water was a real issue.

So, let’s talk about water and look at some ways to be prepared in this area …

Bottled water (watch for sales and stock up if it’s not an immediate emergency), you would need to use and rotate to keep fresh

5 gallon size jugs of water you can purchase, you would need to use and rotate to keep fresh  

Fill up the bath tub or use a waterbob

Use Watering cans to transport water

Fill up clean empty milk cartons

Fill up empty juice bottles

Boil, treat and sterilize water from outside sources (you would want to be careful where you got the water).  Here's a short post I did on using pool shock to treat water as well.

Catch rain water  

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