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Monday, June 17, 2019

30 Day Preserving Challenge: Day 11 ... What I Did With 10 lbs Ground Beef!

We recently purchased a 10 lb roll of 80/20 ground beef and here's what I did with it …

(we purchased it at Sam's Club)

I browned part of it along with onions to use in casseroles, chili, soups and stews.

 I made 2 meatloaf's (I cooked one for our main meal of the day) and added one to the freezer
froze 4 packages ground beef (I just realized I left one out of the picture!) 
and added 2 packages of browned ground beef with onions to the freezer

Each of these packages, when made into a meal, will give us at least 2 meals each. (We purposefully cook enough for leftovers when we cook.) That's 8 packages that will turn into 16 meals from this 10 lb roll of ground beef.  The cost of the roll was $23.54, that makes meat for each meal approximately $1.47.  I'm pleased with that!

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  1. I've always wondered what the ground beef looked like out of the tube. Now that I've seen it I will buy that next time. I'm picky about my meat.

    Great job making it stretch!

    1. Wendi, we are usually pleased with most of the meat we get from Sam's Club except for those vacuum sealed prepackaged 1 lb packages of ground beef they carry. We are not a fan of those!

  2. I love having meatloaves in the freezer. Might as well make the mess just once for multiple meals.

    1. Lana, that is exactly how I look at it!!! Having as much done ahead in the form of meal prep as I can is my goal!!


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