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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

There's Lots Going On In My Kitchen!

 My kitchen counter is a work zone for sure this morning ...

These food grade buckets were washed and cleaned ...
(I have plans for those when they are completely dry.)

These butternut squash seeds were rinsed, drained and prepared for drying ...
(These were from the butternut squash I talked about in THIS POST.)

and then the following happened:

2 jars of pepper vinegar (dried cayenne pepper, dried jalapeño pepper, garlic and salt)
(This is the first step in making my pepper vinegar, it has to sit for about 4 weeks and then I'll do the next step.)

5 jars of buttermilk culturing
(I'm making enough buttermilk to get me through the holiday baking and the occasional buttermilk biscuits my hubby likes to eat.)  (Here's the method I use to make buttermilk.)

1 jar of chicken soup taken out of the freezer to thaw for a meal today

Plans for this afternoon include:
canning butternut squash
harvesting and drying moringa leaves
Bible study (plans are to do this at my kitchen table while the butternut squash is processing)

There's lots of activity going on in my kitchen and I love every bit of it!

Edited 10/9/20:  I've been asked what I freeze my buttermilk in, here's what I use ...


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  1. I haven't made buttermilk in a few years but I need to get back to it since we use a lot of it. His buttermilk really got thick! We picked up buckets at Krispy Kreme on Sunday since it is right down the street from church. My husband is running one a day through the dishwasher because they are really greasy when we get them but for $1 each with the lid I am not complaining. We did another section of the pantry today. It feels so good to be getting this clean out and reorganization done! Everything was so mixed up in there that we did not know what we had since there were like items just spread all over the cupboards. I have found some real surprises!

    1. Lana, I noticed that his buttermilk was really thick too, I don't think mine has ever been that thick. I'd pay $1/bucket too, that is a really good deal! I'm ready to start cleaning out and reorganizing my pantry too, I try to do it twice a year otherwise it just becomes a dumping ground and things get lost.

  2. Patsy, I love seeing all the busy-ness going on in your kitchen. I'm doing much of the same thing. I have acorn squash seeds soaking. The squash had been baked and stuffed with a ground turkey apple, and onion stuffing seasoned with fresh rosemary and safe, and individually frozen. Like you I have defrosted some chicken bone broth. It will be used tonight for butternut squash soup. Onions were chopped for the freezer. I love every minute of it too.

    1. Cookie, the acorn squash sounds delicious and I've got some onions I need to chop for the freezer too! My to-do list is long!

  3. After you make your buttermilk, do you freeze it for later? Or how do you preserve it for holiday baking? I love buttermilk and want to try this! I’ve tried the old vinegar in regular milk trick, but it just doesn’t taste as good.

    1. Leigh, yes, freeze it. When you're ready to use just thaw and shake well and it's ready for use. I don't care for the vinegar in regular milk trick either.

  4. Patsy, you always have so many new things for me to try. I want to make buttermilk next week. When you freeze the buttermilk do you use the ice cube trays or do you have another method? Thank you.

    1. Judy, I added a picture and a link to the post for what I use to freeze buttermilk. I don't freeze it in ice cube trays, it would take too many the way I use buttermilk.

  5. What are you planning for your buckets? I have been turning out my mother in laws basement and there are easily twenty or thirty food grade buckets of all sizes, with lids, that she mainly used for berry picking. I prefer to pick berries in smaller buckets (1 liter sized). I just don’t know how many of her buckets to keep!

    1. Gill, I'm using mine as part of food storage in my pantry. How blessed you are to get all those buckets!