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Friday, November 25, 2022

Blogmas 2022: 11/25/22

Thanksgiving 2022 has come and gone and now we begin the countdown to Christmas.  

Christmas Day is one month from today!!!

We ate leftovers for our main meal of the day today from our Thanksgiving Day feast yesterday and I started work on the Christmas decor.   Tonight, we're enjoying the Christmas ambience that comes with sitting in a room with the only light coming from a Christmas tree or Christmas decorations.  (Hubby is watching football, so there is light from the TV screen, but that's it.)  I think this is one of my most favorite things about the holidays, this cozy Christmas time of the evening when all is calm, somewhat quiet, and the room is lit by the tree decorations!  

Today is 'Black Friday,' traditionally a day when most folks go shopping for deals, we talked about it and decided we didn't want to go ... so we didn't!  Neither of us could think of a thing that we wanted or needed that our budget could afford, so we decided to pass on it this year.  We realized all over again how very blessed we are!  We are not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but God has been faithful to provide a way for us to have our basic needs and a lot of our wants met.  We thank Him for that!

I'm going to try doing a daily countdown to Christmas post from now through Christmas Eve.  I hope you will pop in everyday to see what we're doing.  I'm going to pause our weekly pantry challenges but will for sure be keeping my eyes open for good deals to add to my pantry throughout the countdown to Christmas days.  I encourage you to do the same!

That's it for the first day in our 'counting down to Christmas' 2022 series!

Until tomorrow!


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  1. You sound happy and contented Patsi :)

    1. Tracy, I am ... thank you, I consider that a compliment.

  2. Black Friday sales shopping ... I've come to realize that it no longer holds any luster for me. The aggrivation of fighting crowds isn't worth it and, like you, there was nothing that was enticing enough for me to go out. I only exchange gifts with a handful of people, and I want to enjoy selecting gifts, not fight and simply grab something. My tree will likely go up tomorrow. Enjoying the lights in the evening is a blessing.

    1. Lori, the older I get the more I enjoy the journey and the day-to-day process of preparing for Christmas. I too, don't want it to be rushed or a stressing situation! You're comment really resonated with me! Thank you!

  3. I usually have my tree up the evening of Thanksgiving. Not this year. I'm not delaying by much, but I am attempting to figure out the best place to put it. I want to savor the season this year too and not rush it nor get too caught up in 'have to'. It's been a long year and a difficult one in many ways. This bit at least I want to really and fully enjoy.

    1. Terri, it seems several people are feeling the same way! Great thought!