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Friday, April 19, 2024

Hunkering Down in 2024: Week 16

And just like that, life throws you a curve ball ... and you have to decide how you're going to handle it.  That's what happened to us at the end of last week.

To make a long story short and put it in a nutshell ... my hubby had a medical situation come up that has resulted in multiple tests and him being put on 'light duty.'

There's the possibility that the issue is medication related, but we won't know until all the tests are completed and the results are in.  Until then we, as well as my husband's medical team, are erring on the side of caution while we monitor him and work to find the cause and then a solution.

While we have every confidence that the cause and a solution will be found, this has really brought home the need for us to continue with our hunkering down plans and goals for the year. It has made me want to work even harder to find ways to live on less, pay off debt and save more.

So, what did this week look like ...

We really didn't spend a lot this week aside from medical expenditures.

We spent a grand total of $13.58 of our grocery budget.

We did go out to eat on Sunday because of time constraints and obligations at church.

Other than that, it was a 'no-spend' kind of week as far as discretionary spending goes.

With the extra medical expenses, we're incurring right now, will we be able to continue paying on our targeted debt for this quarter?  You bet we are going to give it our best try!  We may have to get more serious in our hunkering down plan, and if we do than we will.  If we have too, we can go to a 'no-spend' plan other than our bills and fuel for our vehicles.  Our well-stocked pantry will enable us to be able to do that.  Like I said, we're going to give it our best try while we pray for God to make a way for us to stay on track with our hunkering down plans.

That's it for this week, how did your week go?

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  1. Hope all goes well for your husband and an easy remedy/answer is found. Hoping your insurance takes cares of the bulk of the medical bills. Prayers for your family.

    1. Cheryl, thank you and yes, our insurance should cover most of it after deductible and not covered parts.

  2. Prayers for your husband, Patsy. Prayers the medical team finds the cause and a solution. --Elise

  3. Patsy, you and your husband are in my prayers, as are his medical professionals. May God keep you all while you look for a cause and solution!

  4. We are continuing to pray for you both and what is in store for the future. Isn't it wonderful to be sure that He knows and He cares!

    We are continuing to do what we can do and pay for what we cannot. I am thankful for ready help as long as our neighbor kids are here. One burned a huge pile of brush that had been piled at the edge of the woods over the last year. We have had a lot of wind so we will soon be hiring the youngest to clean up our yard. We have asked God to show us those who can help us when the neighbors move.

    Our heat pumps were serviced this week. Thankfully they are both in good working order. Keeping them in good shape saves money in the long run.

    Hubby had to pick up a prescription at Sam's so he also grabbed us a bag of fresh broccoli florets and a container of whole black pepper. Total spent for the week on food was about $12.

    On Wednesday morning we had our first breakfast picnic at the nearby lake park. We pack coffee and juice and get biscuits sandwiches from out. We always have BOGO coupons so it is an inexpensive outing and we so enjoy the early morning hours there. It is still chilly so we parked down at the water and stayed in the car watching the birds and a few fishing boats. We decided that we need to put the binoculars in the car to watch the birds. This has been a summertime tradition for many years for us.

    1. Lana, thank you and yes, it is of great comfort to know that HE knows and cares. We are not alone nor abandoned! A way will be made, it may not be our way of choice, but even then, we can rest in the knowledge that HE sees the big picture and whatever the way is, it will be the best one for us in this situation.

      Your breakfast picnics sound beautiful!

      You all did good with your grocery budget this week too! Way to go!

  5. I hope you get good news from all the tests. Thank God ahead of time for his blessings

  6. I hate those curve balls. Prayers for you and your husband.

  7. Our past week included the final round of tests to find out what was making my wife sick (this included over 30 blood draws, numerous appointments and a bone marrow biopsy). The medical bills are going to be quality entertainment. Then our truck decided it needed major work done that included it having to be towed to the mechanic. Luckily, we do have an emergency fund to access. A lot of this tested our strength and resilience. Luckily the tests came back - no cancer - prayers answered. However, there is a treatable condition that we will have to manage. The other bit of good news from the doctor involved changing and/or eliminating medications all together. This was based on the lab work and the work we did in eating healthy and getting exercise. He said to keep it up and keep tracking so we can see what the blood tests next month reveal. As for our food budget - we've used what we had in our freezer and pantry. I did eek out some time to seed start for our garden. Looking forward to canning and preserving what we will grow. Our goal is to hunker down - try to get as close to no spend as possible for the forseeable future. Especially, since we will be navigating the health care system with regularity. On a funny note - we almost had a "crisis" on our hands.... we decided to have a pizza night with friends and we were down to the last ball of dough in the freezer! What?!?! Needless to say, I cranked out enough pizza dough for the pizza night and to refill our stash in the freezer. Pizza night is where we provide the dough, sauce and cheese. Everyone else brings their favorite toppings to share, and drinks (non-alcoholic or alcoholic). It's a fun night to have fun, play a game or two and have pizza.

  8. So sorry to read your husbands unwell, but praise the Lord He placed it on your heart weeks ago to be frugal and pay of debt. God always knows what's ahead for us. I will keep your family in my prayers, Blessings ~ Linda

  9. Prayers for answers and the bills less than you expect .