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Friday, April 26, 2024

Hunkering Down in 2024: Week #17

We're going to do it!  In spite of the setbacks, we are going to meet our financial goals for the month ....

We reduced the amount that went into savings, but we did add a bit to our savings ...

And this is the biggie, by the end of the month, which is Tuesday, we will have paid 1/3 of the targeted debt for this quarter which was our goal for the month.  This was only possible because we had paid a big chunk of it before things got crazy.  This is why I recommend paying what you can as soon as you can and as often as you can on debt.  Had we 'saved' making the payment until we had all of the amount we wanted to pay, we likely would not have met our goal for this month.  

What about the month of May, in view of all that is going on, are we going to back off our goal of paying another 3rd of the targeted debt.  Absolutely not!  I'm not sure how we're going to pull it off, keep the medical bills paid and add a bit to our savings, but we're going to work like it all depends on us and pray like it all depends on God!

That's it for this week, how did your week go?

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  1. We have the back state taxes paid off. Still have 12 payments on IRS .
    Had a doctor rerun a bill that is 6 months old (we just got it) and was denied by medicare. Even the office was shocked it was denied since it's a standard bill. Then noticed it said they were not a provider of medicare... they are and should have immediately resent it. DUH.
    Hubby has to see his ENT as needed and no more voice therapy (was once a week 40 miles away). He had his check up with heart doctor, will see him in 6 months and comes off the one med by Labor Day. SO less money out for fuel.
    Both of us is real tired of getting the run around to get his bipap machine.He called the sleep lab like he was told to do,they said the doctor had to order it. He called the doctor's office they said sleep lab should have ordered but then checked and found they had not even sent them the results so they could order the machine and the test was almost 2 months ago.Now the doctor is frustrated also with the change in procedure.

    Plant spring crops, got a frost (not unusal) then a FREEZE (not common for this late so much bad for the peas out in the garden) and another frost this morning. Asparagus that came up 3 wks ago that put fresh veggies on the table for us and Amish family of 13... but probably won't get much more out of it after the freeze happened.
    Just keep putting the pennies in the jar to pay for the milk which is about all we are buying.
    Started sourdough starter.. had to do it 3 times before it actually worked.... found out the Amish neighbor and other Amish had the same issues so don't feel so bad.

    1. Chef Owings, I completely understand the whole 'getting the run around' from the medical system. I pray it all gets straightened out soon. My hubby has a Bipap machine and the difference it makes in a good way is unbelievable.

      It sounds like you're making good progress on your taxes. Sometimes all we can do is one step at a time.

      I love your phrase, 'just keep putting the pennies in the jar to pay for the milk.' That statement encompasses so much!

      Sourdough can be tricky getting started, I'm glad you got yours going. It will save you lots of money on bread products.

  2. Nothing tastes as good as paying off debt! You CAN do it! Cheering from the Wild West :-)

  3. How wonderful that you are staying on track. Congrats on paying the debt down. I have been saving where I can.

  4. Patsy, it's wonderful (and encouraging) that you were able to meet your goals in spite of your illness and your husband's medical issues!!! Woo-hoo! Add my cheers from the Wild West to Elle's. :-)

    The Lord has been showing His hand in our finances in amazing ways as well. A federal income tax refund covered state income tax + enough leftover to (prudently) buy containers and soil for a small potted garden this year. Another refund check that arrived in the mail covered an unexpected expense almost to the penny. One monthly bill is going up $82 beginning in May, but another is coming down $82 beginning in May; both are fixed expenses. Our grocery costs continue to drop as I make my way through freezer/pantry foods.

    But it isn't just our finances where I see God's blessings and care: my mom--forgetting her leg is broken--tried to walk, fell again yesterday at the memory care home, was taken by ambulance to the hospital again, and there was NO damage to where the surgery was done or to her head. She's just bruised. We're SO grateful!

    Continued prayers for your husband. I really hope he's better soon. --Elise
    P.S. Your Amazon Affiliate link takes me to a list of blogs you follow. It hasn't done so before.

    1. Elise, I fixed the Amazon link, thank you for letting me know it was messed up. I don't have a clue what happened to it to make it go wrong!

      Isn't God good!

      Hubby is better but still is in a waiting and light duty mode. He's still in the 'testing' stage and no diagnosis will be made until all the tests are done and the results are in. His last test is in about 2 weeks and then we hope to start getting some results shortly thereafter. Thank you for asking.

  5. Yay! You are doing so well! The more you pay off the more incentive you have to keep on going it seems. I hope the doctors have been able to give some answers and help.

    We spent $22 at Sam's on a few food items and that was it. I won a $50 in a contest which we will use for fun money for our up coming two weeks at the lake. I won it for a review of a local BBQ over there so we will spend it on the local food scene and put it right back into the local economy.

    1. Lana, you are so right, the more we pay off the more we are inspired to pay.

      Hubby is still having tests run and it'll probably be another month before we have any answers. He is doing better but is still on light duty. Thank you for inquiring.

      Congratulations on winning the contest! I like it that you chose to support your local economy with the prize money.

  6. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘great job at staying diligent. The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty. Proverbs21:5

  7. My husband and I are debt free and there is nothing like it! I love your attitude. That is what makes the difference.

  8. Went over budget on groceries this week, but everything on my list was essential. If there were things that I could put off (i.e. laundry detergent -- I have enough for 4 loads or so), I did so, unless the item was on sale. I figured that it was better to spend to buy it on sale, rather than pay a higher price during my next shopping trip. Gas has gone up dramatically in recent weeks, and planning for that increase is concerning. It seems that every time I turn around, someone is increasing prices, and there is less and less wiggle room in the budget.

    1. Lori, we are seeing increases in one thing or another monthly! It's getting weary trying to find areas to cut in order to compensate for the increases.

  9. Patsy I pray they find out what is ailing your husband and they have an ongoing treatment plan going forward and hoping you are now feeling better also :) .

    Well done on paying off a third of that big debt this quarter and I am cheering you on to pay off the other third in the next quarter off that debt.

    We have managed this week to bank $1099.53 towards buying my new car and so far since late December have saved in total $16 176.60 since late December last year.

    With our groceries we are under budget for the month by $247.57 which I am happy about. We put in a mini grocery order top up and used our 4% off e-gift card, bought items on specials and half price sales we needed to top up on to save $35.74 on usual prices. As we now have a good backup pantry I am making a more concerted effort to top up on things we are using only when on good sales. Unfortunately we are finding that the half price sales are getting way further apart so I am glad I could top up quite a few items we had used on two grocery items and another one on multivitamins for the medical kit for good prices.

    In the kitchen we are still eating down a good portion of the meat we bought on super sales and as I see good markdown replacing anything as we have big spaces appearing. We continue to make our bread in our bread making machines rather than buying it which is saving more.

    Hope everyone achieves their hunkering down goals this coming week :) .


    1. Lorna, thank you and yes, I am completely recovered from my 'food poisoning' episode. Hubby is better from his medical episode but is still in the midst of having tests run to determine the cause.

      You all are doing so good in saving for your new car. That's on our financial ''to-do' list once we are debt free.

      Keep up the good work, and thank you for the encouragement!

      We have a similar plan in regards to eating from and restocking our pantry.

  10. Good Morning, Patsi.
    Your hard work and resourcefulness is such an inspiration. Like Lorna, I'm cheering you on for this months goal. With Gods help I feel certain you and hubby can do it. I am gratified that your doctor is being super cautious and not blowing anything off as a drug reaction even though it could be. We continue to pray for you and hubby daily as well as for those medical personnel who are involved in his care.

    We continue to work on replenishing our emergency fund although it may take us much longer as we were hit with a huge repair bill for the generator. Granted it was certainly less expensive than a new generator and we are extremely grateful that we had the funds in the emergency fund to not incur outside debt, but now we will be working even harder to restore what was spent. Life goes on.

    I have been having excellent luck in regrowing onions and scallions and have planted many of the regrowths in containers this week. On baking day made 3 dozen no-knead English muffins for my husband and some gluten free oatmeal bread for myself. We continue to use up everything possible in the kitchen which has greatly lowered money spent on groceries with a side effect of new creativity and some unexpectedly delicious meals. Just finished reading a new to me author Kelly Irvin. She writes Amish novels. The one I just finished was called "Upon a Spring Breeze." I will be reading more of her books as this one was very interesting. Wishing everyone a good week ahead. Cookie

  11. Cookie, so sorry that you got hit with another huge repair, but thankful that you didn't have to go into debt from it. When things like this happen to us, I mourn the loss of our hard earned and saved money, followed by thankfulness that we had it to pay the cost. The goal is to get out of debt and stay out of debt. Savings is one tool we utilize for helping us achieve that.

    I looked on Libby, and while they had other books by Kelly Irvin, they didn't have 'Upon a Spring Breeze.'

    While it is taking a while to complete all the tests the doctors have ordered, we are happy that they are indeed taking this seriously. Thank you for your prayers.

    I love your attitude and example in stretching everything possible in cooking and feeding your family.