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Friday, May 31, 2024

Hunkering Down 2024: Week # 22

Here we are at the last day in May and the burning question to be answered is, 'did we meet our financial goals for the month?

The short answer is no, we simply had too many unexpected medical expenses!  We were though, actually able to pay half of our goal amount toward our targeted debt.  Honestly, we really feel good about this as it was a tuff financial month.

Are we bummed about it, yes and no.  We know that we did the best we could and if we were faced with the same decisions again, we wouldn't change a thing.  This is called LIFE and LIFE happens!  We have no intention of throwing our plans out the window along with the towel!  No ma'am!  

So, where do we go from here and what is June going to look like?

Where do we go from here?  We keep on keeping on ... there's no such thing as a perfect financial journey and the month of May for us just proves it.  We're digging in and keeping on keeping on!

What is June going to look like?  June would have been the month we would have been able to pay off our targeted debt had it not been for the medical expenses.  So, we're going to divide the remaining balance by two and move our goal of paying off this debt to July.  In addition, we're going to work like it all depends on us and pray like it all depends on God.

That's our plan and we're sticking to it!  ~ smile ~

The lesson from the month of May for us is, pay as much as often as you can on your debt, or add as much as often as you can to your savings ... because you never know when LIFE is going to throw you a curve ball!

On a sidenote:  things really are looking up; we're getting answers regarding hubby's medical emergency and a treatment plan is being put into place.  More on that later!  

One more thing:  For those ladies who are following along with our ladies Bible class over on From This Heart of Mine, Lesson 3 in our study of 'Mary of Bethany: Choosing the Betterhas been posted HERE.

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  1. I'm glad you are getting some answers. It is hard to deal with something when you aren't sure exactly what you are dealing with. X

    1. Tracy, indeed, it is! We're waiting on one more report and then I can share more about what happened.

  2. You have done well! Many would have just thrown in the towel and given up but you are wise and are doing the best you can.

    We had an expensive week but still stayed within the budget. This old house just keeps on needing repairs but that is nothing new. We did get a rebate on paint bought over Memorial Day weekend and I am glad Lowes prints out the rebate form for customers when you check out or we would not have known there was a rebate at all. We also stayed out of the grocery stores but that was just because we did not have time to get there. A lot of last minute things needed doing for my sister's purchase of my parents house which found us dropping everything and signing forms and sending them overnight and other details. We are all holding our breath until closing actually happens today.

    Is it only here or everywhere that modesty has been just forgotten? I tell you women here are just going around in their underwear. Yesterday was the worst and I will spare everyone the details, My poor husband is constantly saying he wished he had not seen the latest indecent clothing. I don't want to see it either!

    One incident was sad when Hubby handed over a $20 to pay for a $15.24 purchase and the cashier did not know what coins to give back. She thought for a long time and then had to ask the cashier next to her if the change was right. We were just left shaking our heads in disbelief.

    We are over a month out from our van being hit and still no answers on the repair of our van. We have started to think they are just wanting to make us so frustrated that we let our insurance cover it. Well they just don't know how stubborn we can be! Meanwhile they continue to cover the rental at $65 a day which does not make sense to us.

    1. I had a similar situation with a cashier when we were in Pennsylvania. She couldn’t figure out change😳😳😳

    2. Lana, I hope the closing on your parent's home went well.

      Living in an area where heat and humidity are high, immodesty is rampant. It seems to give people a justification in their minds to wear as little clothing as possible. I dread summers not only for the heat and humidity but also for immodestly issues as well. Very little is left to the imagination, the mystic and mystery of a woman's body has been traded for full exposure and few seem to realize what's been sacrificed.

      Has it been a month already since your van was hit, time is swiftly passing for sure. You would think with them paying a vehicle rental fee for this long that they would be motivated to get your vehicle fixed and back to you. Go figure!

  3. It’s great that you were able to pay half of your goal this month! A lot of people would have used the medical expenses as an excuse to skip your goal entirely for May. I’m so glad the doctors have been able to diagnose your husband’s medical condition and I’ll continue to pray for his healing.
    We’ve had quite a few unexpected expenses the last few months, also. Last month it was a new septic filter, this month it was a new air conditioner compressor and Tuesday a big storm came through and blew down a large section of our back fence. Fortunately, we’re savers even in retirement, so if we are extra careful this month we should be able to cover the costs without a loan.
    Tomorrow is our 51st anniversary and the Lord has richly blessed us during the happy times and the sorrowful, discouraging ones as well. Knowing He is faithful to provide sure brings peace and comfort. 🙂….Glenda

    1. Happy Anniversary, Glenda! Thank you for those last two sentences. It's always good to be reminded of how He works in our lives through all of the ups and downs.

      Patsy, thank you for this encouraging--YES, encouraging--post. 2024 has brought a number of unexpected challenges to my frugal plans for the year. There've also been blessings. One came on Friday. Not wanting to take $ from savings or use CCs, the checking balance was below my comfortable "slush" and my husband got email notification that his pension check wouldn't post until Monday. We stayed the course and when I checked the balance Friday morning to see if I needed to transfer funds, his pension had posted! What a gift it is to have the ability to just NOT spend. By choice. A few prescriptions will need refills in the coming week, but there was enough on hand to see us through. God is GOOD. --Elise

    2. Glenda, Happy Anniversary!

      I love your phrase, 'savers in retirement!' We are savers too in ways that go beyond just money!

      Thank you for your prayers on behalf of my hubby, an explanation as to what happened is coming soon.

      Isn't God good, it's so encouraging to read how He is working in others' lives. Thank you for sharing!