Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Learning To Depend Less Upon The Grocery Store ... a new series

This is not a ‘let’s forget all about the grocery store and live off the land’ series … I truly don’t think that’s possible in our current society without making a lot of sacrifices that many of us are unable and or are unwilling to make. But, I do think we can learn to be less dependent upon the grocery store and that is what this series is about.

Why would you want to be less dependent upon the grocery store?  I polled our Working Pantry Facebook group and here is a summary of their responses:

Save money

Less chemicals

Knowing what’s in my food

Knowing where my food comes from

Those are some good reasons but reasons alone won’t make us less dependent on the grocery store, will they?   So, what does learning to be less dependent on the grocery store look like in everyday life?  That’s what we’re going to be talking about over the next several weeks.  I hope you’ll join us and please feel free to share with others about this new series too.

Meet you back here next Wednesday with the next installment!


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