Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thrift Store Finds ... part 3

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I keep an ongoing thrift store list so that when I'm near where one is I am prepared and know what to look for.  While I'm not one to purchase 'stuff' I do see thrift store shopping as an opportunity to purchase what I need at a much lower price than retail stores sell.

For instance, we needed a second set of sheets as a back up for our bed.  Retail store prices are way to high for my budget so sheets has been on my thrift store list for a while.

... and I found this set for $7.  There were no pillow cases with the set but I can stitch up a set from fabric I have on hand.  The sheets are 100% cotton and in excellent condition.  I brought them home, gave them a good washing and line dried them.  They are now folded and tucked away in a drawer ready for use.

I found this sturdy strainer for $.99 ... this one is a nice size and fits several of my bowls and pots.  I use strainers quite a bit in my food preservation.

This is a 100% cotton tablecloth I found that I plan to turn into dish drying towels.  The fabric is thick and soft and since it's 100% cotton it will do great for drying dishes.   I think I paid $2.99 for it. I estimate I can get a dozen hand towels out of this tablecloth.  Not bad for $2.99!

I'm still not done ... stay tuned for part 4 of my thrift store finds!


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