Friday, October 2, 2015

Day Book Entry: October 2nd, 2015

Outside my window ...  it is pouring rain!  We are under a flood warning!

I am thinking ... that wrapping oneself in a comfy quilt and reclining on the couch with a good book while cool winds blow and rain descends outside is a good thing!!!!

I am thankful ... that it looks like hurricane Joaquin is going to go east, away from the United States coast line.

I am stitching ...  some dish towels!

I am going ... no where!  The roads are flooding!

I am wondering ... if I can sneak in a few minutes of sewing time tomorrow!!!  I have so many things I want to stitch up that one sewing day a week is just not enough!

I am reading ... my new Trim Healthy Mama cookbook and marking recipes to try on my next baking day.  I took it to Office Depot and had it spiral bound for $3.49.  It is so much easier to use this way.

I am seeing … my husband install a new commode in our half bath.  The tank on the old one started leaking and wouldn’t hold water so it had to be replaced.  There goes our food budget for the month, but that’s okay.  Unexpected expense is one reason I strive to keep a well-stocked pantry!

I am hearing … the air conditioning not running!  It’s been cool enough for the last two days that we haven’t needed to run it.  That should help our power bill!

I am hoping ... to finish the 2016 planner this week that I’m designing and putting together for myself.

I am learning ... to grow lemon trees.  I have 6 that I started from seed that are now anywhere from 2 to 6 inches tall.  I moved them into the greenhouse this week where it is warmer and they will be protected from the cooler weather.  I’ll move them into the house when the weather gets below 32 degrees.

In my garden ... we decided not to have a fall garden so we’re working on putting it to rest for the winter.  I plan on planting garlic and a few herbs, but that will be it.

In my kitchen … I’m planning a baking day!

One of my favorite things ... my new sewing ‘nook’ that I created in my dining room.

Around the house … it’s beginning to look like Fall!!!!

A picture to share ...  does anyone know what these are?


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