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Monday, October 9, 2017

The Ways of My Household ... 10/9/2017

The past two weeks have been extremely busy and while I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done, I did get a few things …

We always check the marked down produce section when we go grocery shopping and this week we found bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, nectarines, avocadoes, key limes and apples. I dehydrated the bananas and the rest we’ve enjoyed in meals as there were not enough to preserve.

My husband juiced the key lime lemons and I made this low-carb key lime pound cake.  

I also made this low-carb granolaI eat it over yogurt.

I chopped and dehydrate turmeric root.

I finished dehydrating the two #10 cans of mushroom pieces I had left to do.

I purchased Carolyn Ketchum’s new book the Everyday Ketogenic Kitchen and made the Easy Taco Pie on page 218.  It was GOOD!  My husband gave it a ‘thumbs up’ so I added it to my low-carb ‘tried and true’ recipe collection.  I’m looking forward to trying other dishes from the book!    

I needed some new socks and while shopping for them I noticed something. The store I was in had their women's socks beside their children's socks. I got to looking at and comparing the children's socks and the women's socks because the children's socks were $3 cheaper than the women's socks for the same number of pairs in a package. Same style, different colors but otherwise nothing was different. I compared the length and the width, they were the same. I compared the quality, they were the same. You know what I did??? I bought myself some children's socks and saved myself $3.

We found Boston butts on sale for $.99/lb and purchased two to add to the freezer part of our pantry.  We'll get several meals out of these.

My husband changed the oil in our vehicle instead of paying to have it done.

That's it for me, what have you done to save money, stock your pantry or live frugally?

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27
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  1. good week! I buy children's shoes too! I love my little feet. :)

    1. barbara, I guess I have medium or average size feet. I just never thought to check out the children's sizes though, but I will for sure now every time I need new socks!

  2. Hi Patsy! In the same vein as the children's socks, take a second look at the children's shoes. Love your blog. It's always fun and profitable to see what you are up to.

    1. Thank you! Thank you also for the tip to check out the children's shoes!!! Don't know why I never thought about doing that!

  3. No little feet here but my grandmother wore a size 4.5 and could only wear children's shoes. Great savings on the socks! I often buy the smaller size of men's socks since they are thick and more cotton than women's' socks.

    We bought butter for 1.98 a pound and added 24 to the freezer. Eight ounce boneless ham steaks were 80 cents with sale and coupons and we bought 7. Sixteen cans of diced tomatoes for 22 cents a can. We picked up two free tubs of cream cheese, yogurt and a pancake mix with digital coupons for freebies. Last night at our farewell gathering with our daughter who is going to the mission field she opened the cupboards and started pulling out all the leftover food. We brought home a large box of canned goods and many spices, vinegars, ziploc bags and foil and parchment paper, oats and other items too many to list. We have dated everything with a Sharpie and added to our canned goods shelves. We are well stocked with all types of beans since they eat a lot of vegetarian meals. I added containers of chili to the freezer meals and 4 containers of chocolate frosting, a container of cookie dough and two containers of baked cookies.

    1. Lana, I'm watching for butter to go on sale in our area. I hope it goes down as low as $1.99/lb. That's my stock up price. That's a good tip about men's socks, I'm going to keep that in mind the next time I go sock shopping. You really got some good deals using digital coupons, I'm impressed!

  4. One of our used stores always has lots of like new or like new sox. The adult ones they mark 99c to $2.98 each. The same exact pair in the girls's or boys section are 45c to 99c. Guess where my sox come from? I wear navy crew sox and can't find them at stores. Last time I saw 2 pair in a department discount store one pair was $4. and the other $8. !! Look for better leather belts in the boys or men's department..and oxford shoes too. The manufacturer said men are harder on their shoes so they make them sturdier. Same cost but better shoes. The leather belt I bought in 1969 is still supple and looks new today. You have made me aware of things I never thought about and saved us a lot. I never thought of drying broccoli but I sure do now!! Stems and all. So sweet when eaten dried and powdered can be put into so many things. So now I grow more than I think we can use and don't have to worry about freezing or using it soon. I also dry the tomato skins which I didn't for so long... thanks!! Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah for the encouragement! My husband wears leather belts made by a mennonite gentleman. He likes them so much better than what he used to get at department stores. That's a good tip about men's shoes too, I didn't realize that!