Monday, January 30, 2017

The Ways of My Household ... 1/30/2017

 I’ve had a busy week, see what I mean …

Our main chicken coop has needed some work done on it for a while and we finally got around to starting it this week.  We are doing the work ourselves and in so doing, thus far, have saved $70

We saved $339.41 using coupons and shopping sales for food and non-food pantry items.  

Since we were working on the chicken coop run I also cleaned out the coop part and added the aged chicken poop to one of our raised beds.   Saved on fertilizer: $25

I finished stitching up the valentine treat bags I started week before last.  Now, they’re all ready to fill and make pretty. (Finished size is 4.5 inches x 6 inches.)

I earned $40.33 from Amazon affiliate links.  Thank you to everyone who goes through my affiliate link when shopping with Amazon.

I earned a $10 Amazon gift card from My Coke Points.  Sadly, My Coke Points is changing and I’m not sure what will replace it.  We shall just have to wait and see … I hope it changes to something that will be as beneficial as the current rewards program.

I started a crochet dishcloth challenge this week after reading about one on the Down to Earth Forum.  The dishcloths I crocheted last fall were very popular as gifts at Christmas so I decided to get a head start and join the challenge and crochet one each week.  This week I crocheted 2 and added them to my gift trunk, I’m one ahead!!! Savings $8 

I burned my arm this week, not bad, but then again it was bad enough.  I walked over to the aloe plant I keep on a window shelf, snipped off a piece, opened it up and applied it to the burned area.  It felt so good! 

I started gathering resources for my 100 Day Challenge on learning about essential oils.  I’ve decided to go ahead and start it as there is so much time involved in prep work before machine quilting can be done.  For a while I’ll have 2 challenges going … okay, make that 3 if you count the dishcloth challenge!  What can I say, I have high ambitions!

I stitched up 1 more block on this quilt-a-long by Pat Sloan. 

After reading Annabel’s Christmas Challenge post over at the Bluebirds are Nesting I knew I wanted to make some book marks for my personal use and for gift giving (along with a book).   I also really liked the Christmas coasters made out of Christmas cards shared in the same post.  I’ll be sure to share the bookmarks and coasters when I get them made.

Not working outside my home … Saved $100

Thus far this year my Vicky Challenge Savings  savings/earnings have been $1373.28, add this week’s amount ($592.74) and the total for 2017 thus far comes to $1966.02

Now it’s your turn, what have you done to build up your pantry, care for your household or live frugally this week? 
She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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