Monday, July 22, 2019

30 Day Preserving Challenge: Day 22 ... Elderberries

Our elderberries are ripening, (yes, we intentionally planted and grow elderberries on our property) and it's time to harvest and preserve them.

Let's start at the beginning …

the flowers are forming ...

they're starting to bloom ...

almost in full bloom …

the berries have formed …

they're growing …

ripe and ready to harvest …

harvested and ready to go in the dehydrator ...

spread out on the dehydrator trays …

dried elderberries ready to be stored in my pantry!

And there you have it, elderberries from start to finish!

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  1. We have been using elderberry syrup lately and I am finding my it has many times unexpected uses. I plan to always keep some in my home pharmacy from now on. Will you make syrup from the dried berries?

    1. Lana, yes, I will make elderberry syrup with the berries. It's pretty much a staple in the medicinal part of my pantry!

  2. We grow elderberries here too. Like Lana, I make syrup or cordial with mine. When I pick them, they are washed and go straight into the freezer until I need them. A great berry.

    1. Rhonda jean, I've never made cordial, but have made lots of syrup. Freezer space is at a premium so my next choice of preserving them is dehydrating! It's good that we have options and that we know what those options are!

  3. Rhonda gave me an elderberry bush years ago and the berries were forming nicely before I had to move it when the builders arrived and it has been in too much shade since and this year there were hardly any berries. It will be moved back into the full sun once I am sure no tradies will knock it over. LOL!

    1. Chel, That was so sweet of Rhonda to share with you! I got my start by ordering and then planting seeds. Since I knew nothing about elderberries and what the plants looked like, I wanted to make sure I started out with the right thing! Now I see them everywhere!!! Yes, elderberries need full sun!


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