Monday, March 30, 2020

Facing Financial Hardship, Day 5

Facing Financial Hardship, Day 5

 by Patsy Norwood

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Well, you knew it was going to happen!  It seems like when you’re down that things just keep happening.  Last week it was a vehicle that needed repairs and this week Murphy is moving in as in Murphy’s Law which states that ‘anything that can go wrong will.’   Grab on to your hats and let’s get this week started …

Its early morning and you’re awakened by a sound; you clear your head enough to realize that it sounds like water!!!!  You get up and try to find where it’s coming from by following the sound that awoke you.  You discover that it is your hot water heater, its spewing water everywhere. You head for the water cut-off (you do know where your water cut-off is don’t you?) and turn off the water to your house.  You go back to the area where your hot water heat is and assess the damage.  Looking at the amount of water everywhere, it seems that it must have been spewing for several hours, maybe all night.  There is quite a bit of water damage and all you can see are dollar signs. 

Considering your financial situation, what are you going to do now?  Will your homeowner's insurance pay for the repairs and damage?  If so, how are you going to cope between now and when the repairs are done?

What part of your home has been damaged?  Is your laundry area, kitchen, basement, upstairs?  How are you going to do laundry if the damage is in your laundry area?  How are you going to cook if the damage is in your kitchen area?  What about your basement, how does that affect your everyday living?  If the damage is upstairs, do you have ceiling damage?  

What are you going to do for hot water until the repairs are made, most importantly though, where is the money going to come from to get you through this “rough patch?”


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  1. Thankfully ours is under the house so it would just need to dry out and Hubby could install a new water heater.

    1. Lana, ours is too, thankfully. We put it there on purpose because we had a house to flood by a malfunctioning hot water heater several years ago. It was no fun at all!

  2. Ours is in our unfinished basement. We have a pump down their because we have gotten water before. Everything is stored in totes so it would just need to dry out. My FIL was a plumber. My husband can do most pluming projects. He has even had our kids do a few. We would just need the parts.


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