Sunday, April 11, 2021

Raised Bed Gardening: Broccoli

 It won't be long until we'll be harvesting broccoli from our raised beds ...

In addition to freezing some, I'll also be using some of it to add to a vegetable medley I'm putting together for the freezer.   When I add the broccoli florets to the carrot slices I have flash freezing now, I'll have the start of a yummy vegetable medley for roasting purposes.  What veggies would you add to a vegetable medley?


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  1. Oh Patsi! Your broccoli looks delicious! DH loves broccoli salad, and if I grew broccoli, that is what I would probably make with it. No idea what I would put with a vegetable medley. Maybe snow peas and corn?

    1. Jennilee, thank you, we are very pleased with our broccoli this year. Snow peas and corn sound good for a vegetable medley!


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