Monday, October 25, 2021

Mixed Vegetables in the Dehydrator!

I'm getting ready to empty the dehydrator of these mixed vegetables and refill with greens from our garden. 

The mixed veggies came from a local chain store, you don't have to grow everything you want to preserve!

Little by little ...

Baby step by baby step ...

I continue to shore up our pantry for the coming winter.

I'll use these mixed vegetables in soups, stews, casseroles and pot pies.

Here's a handy chart on rehydrating dehydrated foods.

How do you use mixed vegetables?


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  1. I only use an occasional bag in chicken pot pie so I keep one bag in the freezer and when I use it I buy another one. I bet they look pretty in the jar on the shelf.

  2. Thank you for the idea, Patsi! I'd like to free up some freezer space and add more shelf stable items to my pantry so this is the perfect solution.

    1. Kelsey, my thoughts exactly! Love shelf stable pantry items!

  3. I use my dehydrated veggies in dishes that have a decent amount of liquid, like mushrooms in spaghetti sauce, or mixed veggies in soups or stews.
    Dehydrated watermelon and pineapple live in freezer bags in the freezer. It is like eating candy!

    1. Anne in the Kitchen, of all the things I've dehydrated, I don't think I've done watermelon or pineapple. Thanks for the idea and inspiration! I like candy!!!

  4. Are these frozen or canned mixed veggies?


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