Friday, January 21, 2022

What's That In Your Hand?: 1/21/22

What is in your hand and what can you do with it?

Inspiring you to focus on what you have to work with, not what you wish you had or hope to have in the future, but what you have right now … 

As I type this post, we're waiting for an ice storm to hit that we've been warned about for several days.  

Our area is known for its ice storms, snow is so very rare but ice storms ... well, let's just say we have some unwanted experience in that area.  The really bad thing about ice storms though is that they almost always take out the power system leaving everyone in the dark or making do the best one can.  We've done everything we can do, with what we have to work with, to prepare.

For most of the week I've been ...

cooking ahead ... muffins, meat, boiled eggs, etc

inventorying things we have on hand that will help us weather the storm such as batteries, water, paper plates, other paper products, etc

moving wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of wood onto our porch ... the less we have to go outside when ice is on the ground and in the trees the less likely an injury will occur

doing all the laundry up ... if we lose power there's a good chance it could be for several days, so we want to make sure all our clothes are clean

paying any bills that would come due during the next week or so

charging phones and electronics

clean house ... it's hard to keep a house clean without electricity so starting out with a clean house is important (or it is for me)

prep the animals 

We're as ready as we can be, let's hope it won't be as bad as we're being told to prepare for!!!

Update:  1/21/22 @ 5 p.m. ... it has started and is forecast to go through the night!

Update:  1/22/22 @ 9 a.m. ... Everything is icy and bitterly cold but the thing that we are so very thankful for is that we still have power!

Update: 1/22/22 @ 9 p.m. ... We still have power of which we are so thankful!  Our low for tonight is supposed to be 12 degrees so there will be quite a bit of re-freezing of what was able to melt today.  We will continue to need to be extra careful when going outside but I think the danger of losing power because of this ice storm is behind us.  Thank you for your prayers, care and concern!  I have some of the best readers!

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  1. I hope it won't be too bad! Those ice storms can get nasty. We're lucky to not get too many of those around here, but we can get wind that scares me half to death. I'd rather have a foot or two of snow than wind. Stay warm!!!

    1. Stephanie, thank you! I don't like the wind either, we get quite a few hurricanes and there is nothing that I like about them!

  2. Hope there isn't too much damage - but at least you know you are as prepared as possible.
    We had nearly 2 feet of snow fall in less than 24 hours this past Monday but we were lucky as the power held and the city crews have done a great job of having most of it cleared by now. We had lots of warning and yet - people were still trying to drive to the shops etc. when we had all been told to stay home!
    I have stayed nice and cozy all week and won't venture out until tomorrow.

    1. Margie, preparing ahead of time makes all the difference in the world doesn't it!

  3. I was happy to see in the updates that you still have power. That is probably the main reason I prepare like you when I hear of a bad winter storm. We get quite a few of those this time of year. The one thing I would add to your list that we do is make sure we have water in our bathtub. When our power goes out, the pump stops working which means we cannot flush the toilet so we have to pour water in the toilet tank in order to flush. I can do without a few things in a power outage but a working toilet is not one of them.

    1. peachefulheartopenmind, that's a very good thing to do if you have a bathtub. We do not, our bathroom has a shower but no bathtub. I'm with you though, I don't won't to do without a working toilet either if there is any way around it!

  4. That was us last weekend prepping for the snow and I am glad we did because we got ten inches in 24 hours but our power stayed on, too. I am glad you still have power! We have tried to contact our son near you to find out if they have power but they are not answering us so that is concerning wo wonder about them with a newborn in the house. Update-they still have power!

    We had two hams left from Christmas sales in our fridge so one went in the freezer for Easter in case they are not available. We took the other one down to slices and froze them in four packages. There 5.5 pounds of slices from a ten pound ham which was probably only nine after getting rid of the sugar packet, etc. That night we baked the meaty bone with vegetables for supper. Supper two was scalloped potatoes with ham added, supper three and four were a pot of potato and ham soup, supper five was black bean and ham over rice and the next day all the leftover bits went into the food processor for ham salad for lunch. I think that was pretty good for that ham bone!

    1. Lana, it's my understanding that the area your son lives in got hit harder than we did, I'm glad they didn't lose power with a newborn in the house. You really did good with that ham; I'm going to take notes and borrow some of your ideas!

  5. Something to think about-next weekend truckers are going to walk off the job in protest of vaccine mandates at the Canadian and Mexican borders. As of today 38,000 Canadian truckers but no number on US truckers right now. Supplies are going to be even harder to find.

    1. Lana, thank you for the heads up, I didn't know. There are so many reasons to keep a well-stocked pantry and all these food shortages is a big one!

  6. Thankful you've retained power (so far) and that you had enough advance warning to be fully prepared, just in case. We've been exceptionally cold here in the Chicago suburban area, and are expecting 2-4" of snow overnight. While that may not seem like a lot, our complex tends to hold off on snow removal (sidewalks, stairs, driveways. parking areas, and about half of the roads including mine) until after it ends, leaving residents who need to go out fending for themselves in the white fluff AND the slippery stuff that's often underneath. Even though snow removal is covered in our association fees, my shovel and jug of ice melt is already at the door, and I already have my necessities for the week on hand. So, I've no need to venture out beyond taking the pet out to do his "business". Stay safe and warm!

    1. Lori, glad you are prepared, stay safe and on your feet when you have to go out.

  7. I'm so glad that so far you haven't lost power. Your list of things to do ahead of a storm is great.

    1. Shepherdess55, thank you, we have a lot of hurricane preparedness experience and some ice storm experience. Preparing for both has a lot of similarities, so we just choose what applies and get it done!

  8. Thanks for the updates. We're so grateful that you didn't lose power. We had our share of the storm with snow, minimal ice and temps dropping to 5 degrees F in the evenings. We're expecting more snow this afternoon and evening. Hopefully minimal amounts. I made a new to me recipe for chili and made enough to have 2 quarts leftover for the freezer. I baked chocolate chip cookies and made some 2 ingredient fudge to thank our neighbor, who's a single dad, for clearing our driveway. Since we weren't going out in the frigid weather and we were out of turkey sausage, I ground up some turkey thighs and added my own sausage seasoning to it and VOILA, we had sausage patties, some of which we ate for breakfast and some are in the freezer. I also made a new to me recipe for alfredo sauce made with cauliflower and no cream to go over pasta one night. I love the creativity in using what we have on hand.

    1. Cookie, I'm sure your neighbor enjoyed the fudge! Keeping a well-stocked pantry gives us the freedom and creativity to prepare yummy meals, doesn't it! You did really well using your pantry/what was in your hand to turn out some yummy meals!


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