Sunday, July 3, 2022

Pantry Building Tip #4

 Sharing pantry building tips from my years of experience ...

Here's the fourth one ...

What are your thoughts?  Can you add anything to this tip? Let's share and help each other learn to build a well-stocked pantry, one tip at a time.

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She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

A Working Pantry is a way of life, a lifestyle if you will!

My pantry is intentional, purposeful, simple, practical, frugal and what works for my family.  It’s the food items and household supplies that keep my household running smoothly ready and available when they are needed.  It’s my contribution to our family’s economy and my work-from-home ‘job.'

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  1. No $ is too small. Have $1? Save it each week and week 4 you've got $4 to spend on your pantry. If you don't start you never progress. Think it won't matter? In 5 years you've stocked up over $200 into your pantry. Small steps make big results :-)

    1. Elle, YES! YES! YES! No amount is too small!

  2. Yes! Bit by bit it was added to and built. My Mom started me off with basic spices and that was a big help. We bought our first house after three years and even though it was very small it had a closet pantry. My husband added shelves to maximize the space which gave me twice the space for storage.

  3. When something that you use a lot of, is on sale at 50% off, purchase two. This way you dont go over your budget but you're building your pantry.

  4. If you're able to grow or forage anything, add these things to your pantry, even if it's a small amount. I may only get 1/2 cup of berries some days, but over time, I've got a few quarts in my freezer. I've encouraged the wild lamb's quarter, which is a fantastic green, and any time I see a nice top, even if it's just one, I gather it, and add it to a bag in the fridge. When there's enough, I blanche and freeze it. If you can grow any herbs, dry or freeze it for winter months. Over time, it all adds up.

  5. My tip is to take whatever anyone offers you. When I first married we didn't have a pantry either, and my husband of the time bought 35 pounds of mullet and a 5 pound jar of peanut butter. We bought bread and potatoes and that was it! A co-worker, who heard me mention that all we had was mullet offered to swap me some black eyed peas for the mullet that she' just loved' or so she said. I took 5 bags of black eyed peas and put them in the freezer. It was a start on filling our freezer.

  6. Keep basic ingredients. I started with flour, sugar, salt, dry milk, yeast, oil, vinegar baking powder, baking soda, sometimes bought one item at a time. From those things I could produce other food, such as bread, salad dressing, yogurt, pancakes etc. rather than buying their counterparts from the store shelves. Doing that really stretched my food budget and allowed for a little extra to save more pantry building.


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