Tuesday, August 9, 2022

For Such a Time as This, part 20: Take Notes

I recently read a post by Annabel over on The Bluebirds Are Nesting On The Farm titled "Put It To Good Use."  I read it through one time and knew that there were so many helpful suggestions that I needed to read it again and this time take notes.

Here are some that I wrote down for future reference and reminders:

*    Repurpose plant pots for vegetable growing pots.  I do this, but I wrote it down as a reminder not to overlook the obvious!

*    Fill empty jars with dried foods.  I'm working on doing this with half-gallon and gallon size jars as I don't process/can food in them.

*    Attach shelf over inside door frame of bathroom and use for storage.  This has actually been on my 'to-do' list for quite some time, but I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.  I added it to my notes as a reminder to get it done!

*    Use old metal/iron bed head and foot stands as trellis' in the garden for climbing plants such as cucumbers.  Here again, I have one of these in storage that I've been wanting to repurpose for this use.  Another reminder added to my notes to get it done!

  Annabel's aunt's idea of using an old wheelbarrow to start seeds in is priceless!  If this idea has ever occurred to me, I had forgotten it.  I'm adding it to my notes for future reminding.

These are only a few of the suggestions and ideas in Annabel's post, I highly recommend you pop on over there, read it and take some notes.  For such a time as this, we need to take notes and keep them in an organized way for several possible reasons, such as we might not always be able to access or find information we're looking for online.

If you find this series helpful, please share it with others.  If we all do what we can to help each other whether it be through writing, sharing, teaching, coming along beside each other or any other means, the world will be a better place!

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  1. Our middle son gave me some wonderful notebooks for my birthday so this is a great idea for one of them. I also want to use one to make notes for our trips to the lake because I pack so many of the same food items each time and write the list from scratch each time. That same son always has those Field Notes notebooks in his pocket and makes notes all day long. Last year when they moved the guys that loaded their truck saw a whole box labeled notebooks and told him that they had been in the moving business a long time and had never seen a box full of notebooks! You have a great idea here and you have me thinking!

    I used every available pot for veggies this year so there are big decorative pots on the deck with veggies growing in them. Besides, ornamental plants were crazy expensive this year and I likely would not have planted them with pretties anyway.

    All our jars have been on the move for the last few weeks. We pulled all the quarts and pints that were storing dry good and replaced them with saved jars. We have also been filing half gallons and shuffling all the dry goods in the cupboards to fit in more food storage. This morning we cleaned out a shelf in the linen closet in our bedroom to store full quarts of canned foods. And we found some things that we had misplaced! We need to put the storage we have to better use by cleaning out those items that we no longer need or use.

    1. Lana, a notebook for traveling is a great idea and think of all the time it would save. A notebook that housed all the kind of info you mentioned would be such a help! I'm going to get started on getting all my 'traveling' info into one notebook!

      I'm always trying to fine tune the storage we have. Our house is small so getting the most from what storage we have is an ongoing challenge.

      Great comment, very inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have seen the whole bedframe set out and a bed of flowers planted inside the frame. Of course, the headboard and footboard can still be used as you planned.

  3. 'Our house is small so getting the most from what storage we have is an ongoing challenge.' Exactly the same here. I am always trying new storage ideas out. Two habits I learnt from my late father are to always carry a notebook and always carry a Swiss Army Knife. My penknife is attached to my housekeys, so I feel like a medieval chatelaine as I jangle along!

    1. Tracey, your father sounds like he was a wise man!

  4. My husband plants a wheelbarrow with tomatoes and moves it in and out of the basement according to the temperature. It's a walk-out basement so if works easily.

    1. Anonymous, I really like that idea! I'm adding that to my notes!

  5. I have a wheelbarrow with a broken handle that my daughter in law gifted me this spring. I just haven't planted it but you know it would be cute on the front patio with some green beans or a squash or two planted in it! And I too have the old iron bed steads that could be used as trellis. I really need to get myself in gear and start my fall planting. I have the pots and even have hanging baskets and shepherd's hooks to hang then from.
    I love Lana's idea of having a permanent packing list for vacation/retreats. I haven't read this post by Annabel yet, but I will later this week.

    1. Terri, that's a good idea to use a wheelbarrow for growing veggies and as
      patio 'decor' at the same time.

  6. Thanks so much Patsy! I am in the city with Mum. I found another big pot for my container garden. It will grow another couple of tomatoes. We are only a few weeks from being able to plant them! The busy season is coming now. I am watching for supports for them. I might have to buy some of those as last year my tomatoes got huge! The prices of veggies here are mind blowing. I will be planting all I can! xxx

    1. Annabel, anything we can grow ourselves using any and all methods will save on the ever-increasing price of food! We have to have support for our tomatoes too, they grow so big ... in pots!