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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Can You Fry Rehydrated Okra After It's Been Dried?

"Can you fry rehydrated okra after it's been dried? That's what a reader asked me in a comment from THIS POST.  My response was that I didn't know, I had never tried.

Today, I tried it ...

I had this much okra left after jarring up another one for my pantry, so I dumped it in this pot.

Covered it with boiling water and let set with a lid on for 30 minutes.  (Next time I'll do 15 minutes, 30 minutes was too long for the amount of okra I had.)

I let it drain really well, floured it and got out my frying pan.

I fried it like I normally do and ... it was delicious!
I will definitely be doing this again!   I'll be dehydrating lots more okra too!!!

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 Hurricane Ian Update:  we have started experiencing the outer bands of 15 - 25 mph winds and occasional sprinkles of rain.   As of right now, tonight, tomorrow and Saturday are the times we've been forecasted to feel the effects.  While we don't expect to get anything like Florida has and is experiencing, forecasters are telling us to prepare for some impact.  Please pray for Florida and for us too.  Thanks in advance!

Hurricane Ian Final Update:  10/1/22 ... We had winds up to 60 mph in our area and approximately 6 - 8 inches of rain.  We did not lose power, thanks to the newly buried power lines the power company completed back in the summer.  Many others around us did lose power, so we really feel fortunate and blessed.
We had a lot of debris in our yard from trees as well as several things to pick up and put back where they belonged.  We spent most of today cleaning up the yard and mowing it ... hopefully for the last time this year ... maybe.  It's not uncommon for us to be mowing up to the first part of November.  Thank you for your prayers on our behalf!

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  1. THANKS - good to know. I dehydrate the tough ones and grind for a thickening agen. Good to know on doing the regular ones too!

    1. Cheryl, that's a good tip about using the powder as a thickening agent.

  2. Even old dogs can learn new tricks!! Next summer I'll be doing okra this way!

    1. Anonymous, we never get too old or too experienced to learn, do we ... or at least I don't!

  3. Thanks, Patsy! I'm dehydrating the last of my okra right now. I'll be frying some of it this winter!...Glenda