Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Blogmas 2022: 12/6/22

These bags of milk chocolate kisses mean we've started gathering ingredients for our annual fudge making session.  

Hubby does this every year right before Christmas and we give it as gifts.  

He is known as the 'fudge man' this time of year and people expectedly wait for a cup of his fudge!  (My job is to make the cups of fudge look pretty for gift giving.)

It is quite delicious!

Also, we had the opportunity to pick up more pecans today!  

Hubby shells them as he watches TV and is working on filling the second 1-gallon size zip lock bag.  

It'll be nice to have our pantry restocked with pecans at a cost we can afford!

Until tomorrow!

Merry Christmas from us to you!


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  1. Just love reading this. Fudge is a holiday favorite here, too. And, to be able to get pecans like that ... you are so blessed!

  2. I started wrapping gifts and made tags from old Christmas cards. In the stack of cards I found the last card Mom and Dad ever sent to us. It will be an ornament on our tree.

    1. Lana, I love your idea for your mom and dad's Christmas card! I have the last one my mom sent me as well and have just been holding on to it. Now, I know what I can do with it to preserve it as a lovely memory.