Friday, May 12, 2023

A Journal of My Days: 5/12/23

This rose bush is still showing off so I thought I would share another picture of it for your enjoyment while the flowers are so beautiful!

In the Garden:  I harvested more cabbage and broccoli.  The broccoli got frozen, and the cabbage got turned into cabbage steaks as a side for a meal.  I also harvested radishes ... they will be used in a salad!

We've harvested almost all of the first planting of broccoli, so those pots/containers are ready to be amended and replanted with something else!  As I've mentioned before, we're really focusing on succession planting this year.

I harvested several herbs this week:  oregano, tarragon, lemon balm, and sage.  All of these will be used individually and in making blends/mixes for spices in addition to teas.

Hubby and I were both outside working on our individual projects one day when he called out to me, wanting to know where I was.  I told him and he came to me and popped the most delicious strawberry in my mouth he had picked from one of our strawberry barrels.  It tasted so good that I went straight to said strawberry barrels and popped several more, fresh from the plant strawberries into my mouth.  They were juicy, fresh and so very tasty, from the plant straight to my mouth is one of my favorite ways to enjoy strawberries!

I'll plant something just about anywhere I think it might stand a chance of growing and that's what I did this week.  This burned-out stump is from a tree we had cut down and then tried to burn the stump.  It did burn some but didn't burn completely up, so I filled it with soil and planted mashed potato acorn squash seeds in it!  There is a nice clearing in the front of the stump for the plants to run and when I read the conditions needed for the squash seeds to grow, I knew this old stump should be a perfect fit.  We'll see, all I've got to lose is a few seeds (I did save some of the seeds to plant elsewhere as a backup just in case these don't/won't grow in this stump)!

I did more planting this week ... mashed potato acorn squash (just mentioned); Kings Lima beans; second planting of cucumbers; more yellow squash, malabar spinach and Hawthorne (herb).  I've been wanting to grow Hawthorne for several years and am taking the plunge this year ... wish me luck!

In the Pantry:  We were given all these strawberries!  I Know!!!! I'm in the process of crushing them, putting them in cartons and adding them to the freezer.

In the Kitchen:  Since we were blessed with all these strawberries, we made a pound cake, added some crushed strawberries along with a little bit of sugar and topped it all off with a dollop of whip topping!  It was quite delicious!

Fitness:  As you might guess the above-mentioned treat came with a lot of extra calories (I may have had more than one serving!).  I got right back on plan the next morning starting with a bottle of water to begin the process of flushing all the sugar out of my system.  The plan I've developed for me is a lifestyle and yes, on occasion I cut loose and overindulge ... an occasional overindulgence is part of my plan.

Sewing:  I received a package in the mail filled with this beautiful fabric from a reader and online friend with a note saying she thought of me and the aprons I make when she saw this fabric. Aren't those roses beautiful, and that coordinating fabric is a perfect match! I ran the fabric through the washing machine today and plan to get started making an apron asap.  Wasn't that a sweet thing to do!  Thank you again, Paula!

Bible Study:  I finished writing the book of I Timothy this week and started on II Timothy.  Writing out scripture helps me to slow down and meditate on what I'm writing and reading.  It's one of my favorite ways to study scripture when I need something light, easy and quick for Bible study (I only write 3- 5 verses per day.)

Bargain Hunting: we had success with bargain shopping this week!  Look at what we found ...

3 packages of beef hot dogs for $1.99 each ...

2 packages of thick cut bacon for $.99 each (I didn't notice until I posted this picture that the 'clearance' price was
upside down) ...

3 packages of chicken legs that ranged around $2.45 each.  I had a $1.50 coupon off for each making them less than $1 each ...

a container of cole slaw for $.99 ... we plan to have hot dogs and all the dressings that go with them tomorrow and slaw is one of the dressings that my hubby likes ...

2 packages of pork loin for $1.99 each.  We couldn't believe the price ... 

3 packages of ground beef (73/27) on mark down ...

We also stopped in at Dollar General since they were having a 50% off clearance sale on select discontinued items.  I found boxes of Cascade dishwasher powder for $2.25 a box, regular price $4.50 per box.  I also found some $20 Lego sets for $5.85 each.  I was excited to find them and got some to put away for Christmas gifts.

The hen we've had 'setting' for the past 3 weeks hatched out her babies this week.  

She is now the proud mama of 3 baby chicks.  

This brings our total to 27 baby chicks, now if half of them are hens, we'll be happy!

Isn't this just the cutest picture!  It looks like they're having a conversation.

We needed a place to separate mama hen and her babies from the other chickens for a couple of weeks, so hubby made this cage.

When not in use, we'll store it with the rest of our baby chick raising items.

Happy Mother's Day to all our mothers.  I pray that it's a good one for all of you and a special prayer for those who will find this Mother's Day difficult.  

Until next time,
She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27 

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  1. I have discovered I love pickled radishes. So easy to make and delicious on sandwiches, hamburgers, even salads. Great way to use up excess radishes.

    1. Christine, thank you for that idea, if we have any extra I'll try it!

  2. That pound cake looks delicious. Where did you find such great bargains?
    We planted a few tomato and pepper plants. Lol. As you can tell I’m not much of a gardener but I’m trying 😀

    1. Lee Ann, thank you! We found the deals at Food Lion and at a local mom and pop grocery store.

  3. Those roses are sure happy! You had a banner week in the savings department! Every so often my Grandpa would invite everyone over for a weinie roast and that meant he had cut down a tree and he had a stump to burn. But, he always left his stumps about two feet tall so he could get more than one get together out of one stump! I would be going into the kitchen to make a pound cake and pull some strawberries from the freezer if I didn't have both a key lime pie and a carrot cake here for my birthday. (Some of those have to go in the freezer for later!)

    We shopped the salvage store this week and found gluten free brownie mixes for $1 and gluten free Bisquick for 1.50. Our gluten free son is coming to visit and this saves us a ton of money. We also got 8 boxes of Dove ice cream bars for a total of $10.16 at Publix. We are stocked for summer evenings on the porch swing!

    1. Lana, what a great 'stump' story! Those Dove ice cream bars are one of my favorites, I'm glad you found some good deals this week!

  4. Congrats on your new baby chicks! Did you move the mama hen into the new cage before or after she’d hatched them? Thanks!

  5. Great bargains. Love the picture of the hen and chicks! This week was a big stock up week of OTCs. There was a 99cents sale on frozen veggies, so we stocked up. But aside from that no bargains. Got seedlings outside to harden them up. Six basil, ,9zucchini, 8 celery and 5 bell peppers. Planted some arugula in containers. Hubs plowed up the raised bed and added compost, peat and manure. I dug on the same amendment to all the containers. Cookie

    1. Cookie, I wish our area would run a $.99 sale on frozen veggies, I haven't seen one in a long time! I need to check our OTC's and fill in any gaps, thanks for the reminder! Sounds like you're getting ready to do some serious gardening!

    2. Patsy, If you are ever near an Aldi that is the place to stock up on frozen veggies. Most are less than a dollar.

    3. Lana, thank you! I didn't realize that!

  6. But does poundcake slices really count as caloric if you toast it for breakfast? lol Lovely fabric, beautiful rose busy. The Malabar spinach was something I wasn't familiar with until a couple of years ago when a friend of my kids began raising and selling vegetable bags and she included the Malabar spinach. I like that it holds up well to being cooked in a casserole, doesn't wilt and get slimy the way the tender spinach we're accustomed to will. And it lasts so well in the fridge, too.
    I still remember the aroma of fresh strawberries on the vine when my grandmother and Granny both had strawberry beds. And a sun warmed berry ripe from the vine is as good as the sun warmed ripe tomato! I gently envy you the great price on those beef hot dogs. Sounds like a terrific week.

    1. Terri, I like the way you think! 'Toasted' 'calorie free' pound cake for breakfast sounds delicious!