Monday, June 12, 2023

Little House in the Big Woods: My Take-a-ways!

As mentioned in Friday's post, I've started reading the Little House on the Prairie Series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I thought I would take you along on the journey by sharing some of my thoughts from each chapter.  I hope you enjoy!  

Little House in the Big Woods

Chapter 1:  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how they stuffed their pantry for the coming winter without the luxury of grocery stores and all the modern methods of food preservation that we have at our disposal today.

It was very inspiring!

Chapter 2: I loved reading about their daily chores and about how they assigned different chores for different days.  I loved even more reading about how they spent family time in the evenings!

Chapter 3:  Once again, their family life stood out to me in this chapter and pa's stories, oh my, how thrilling they must have been to Mary and Laura!

Chapter 4:  What a simple but beautiful Christmas they enjoyed! 

That's as far as I've gotten, I'll be back next week with more!

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  1. The Little House books are really enjoyable to read, I agree! My favorite I think is The Long Winter, with Little House in the Big Woods being a close second.
    Cheryl H.

    1. Cheryl, I have read The Long Winter out of sequence, now I'm looking forward to reading in sequence this time around. I really enjoyed The Long Winter too!

  2. It's like walking over to the Amish neighbor when my semi load of canning jars came in and her telling me it would have only been enough for 6 months of food for them. Son 2 still reads his books when he feels things are too hard in his life. Says it helps him focus on reality

    1. Chef Owings, these books do indeed help us to reset our focus! I like what your son said!

  3. i read these as a child long before they became popular in the UK , i suppose thats where my urge to have a cabin of my own came from

    1. Kate, these books do turn our hearts toward home, don't they! I hope you have that cabin of your own or are in the process of obtaining.

  4. To say I love those books is a understatement. I loved how they worked to get ready for winter and all the food Ma preserved.

  5. I especially like ch. 1 and the stocking of the pantry - errr or in their case the whole house!

  6. I have an omnibus edition of the books with a very twee cover. My daughter wanted to know why I had a book for kids on my bookshelf, so I explained that they were a memoir of childhood, but were books that anyone could read and find inspiration in. I love them!

  7. Hello Patsi,
    My first time comment here, even I do read and enjoy all your posts and the report or comments over at Annabel*s blog. I wanted to say what a coincidence - I, too, am listening on youtube the exact same book, and it is a pleasure to imagine their simple good life and to learn from it.
    The first chapter is very familiar to me, until Covid hit we did the same every December. A home grown pig was sacrificed on St Ignat Day (if possible) and all (all) was prepared for the pantry. We made sausages, bacon, ham, head cheese, lard, pig ears and pig tail were a special treat for children. Almost all the products were then smoked with beech wood very slowly and for a couple of days and they lasted from Christmas well until Easter. Some chopped meat was preserved in fresh pork lard and some went in a big barrel with special salt from the salt mine near us - both ways are good for many months because no oxygen can get in and some went to freezer. Of course it was a hard day of work but a pleasure and good fatigue - and one pork could feed our family for many months.
    With the prices growing so fast we consider to start again the tradition this winter.
    It is a good thing to have these skills and we want to teach our teenage boy, too.
    Have a nice week everyone,
    Laura_s_world from Romania

    1. Laura, thank you for commenting! I hadn't thought about trying to find an audible version of the books. I'll check on Youtube and see what I can find. I love how you described your Decembers'!

  8. I started with Long Winter during the Texas freeze....then read the series quickly. Now when I am given food, it I just put up the smallest item ...I think to myself "Ma would have loved to have this on the shelf.". They nearly starved that winter.