Sunday, September 17, 2023

A Journal of My Days: 9/17/23

I'm late with this post this week, but here you go ... I hope you can find something that inspires and encourages you in your journey!

I let myself get down to the lower half of my last jar of fermented garlic honey ... it's definitely past time to make some more, so I started 3 jars.  You can see it already starting the fermenting process.  I usually take 1 tablespoon each day, in a cup of warm water.  Another option is to take it straight in your mouth.  One way is no better than the other, it's a personal choice.

I sat the jars on saucers because, fermenting could spill over and down the sides of the jars, which it did. (I had the jars a bit too full!)  The saucers keep the honey from dripping onto the counter which makes for easier clean-up ... should it spill out the top!

We've had some beautiful weather this week, with the highs in the lower 80's.  Of course, this sent me outside where I did some weeding and general tidying up in the yard and garden.  

Pictured to the right, is my multiplying onion bed, it's doing really well, and we should have fresh green onions most of the winter.

I also gave my moringa bush/tree and my bay leave tree (both of which I grow in pots) a sprucing up.  I'll do one more good harvest from both before moving them into the greenhouse to overwinter.

Our peas are close to being ready to harvest and then preserving.  The vines are loaded, and we plan to restock our pantry with jars of home-canned peas.

Speaking of gardening and all things homesteading, I took advantage of the School of Traditional Skills free summit and watched several of their videos.  

The summit is over now, but I would highly recommend that you get on their mailing list for the next one.  

I always learn so much from their videos or am reminded of what I've forgotten!! They're very inspiring if you're lacking in the area of motivation, too!

I baked two pecan pies this week, one to share and one for us.  (This picture is of them uncooked), I always cook pies on a baking sheet, just in case of a spill over ... I'm not fond of cleaning my stove oven!

I worked some more on my men's shirt upcycling project and am almost finished.  I just need to do a small bit of embroidery stitching and it'll be done.  I'm really pleased with the way it has turned out.  As soon as I get it finished, I'll do a reveal ... I promise!

I've also continued pulling and washing fall fabrics for my sister's and my 3rd annual quilt-a-long.  I'm happy to report that all the fabric has come from my 'fabric pantry.'  

This young rooster is learning to crow, and it is delightful to hear his efforts!

I spent some time inventorying my winter medical pantry and it looks like I need to make some elderberry syrup, so that's going on next weeks 'to-do' list.  I want to start some nettles tincture too.  

Also, on my to-do list and not medically related, is to ferment some onions and separately jalapeno peppers.  We'll enjoy both on sandwiches, pizza's, etc.

In the fitness area, I finally feel like I've found my grounding again after traveling and dealing with the difference between the way my old worn-out scales weighed and the way the new ones, I had to purchase weigh.  I still have some work to do, but I feel more in control now and back on track.  I've set new goals for the upcoming week and am ready to get back at it!

I added a new post over on my other blog, From This Heart of Mine, titled 'Ways to Strengthen our Sometimes-Weak Faith.'  Also, I got caught up on my daily Scripture writing.

I've got another busy week planned ...

Until next time,

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  1. Replies
    1. Lee Ann, I take it for immune boosting purposes. Both the honey and the garlic have medicinal properties.

    2. I'd like to see more about the garlic honey....exactly how you make it & how long is it good for?

      I had to buy a new scale & it's weighing me about 1 to 2 pounds heavier than the old's not much but I'm right at a decade mark in weight & I thought I was under that. I'm trying not to focus so much on the numbers.

  2. Good day Patsy, Your pies look wonderful! i found some pecans in the freezer yesterday, pie sounds like a plan.
    I have been wanting to do that with the garlic and the honey. But there are too many different Youtube's out there with conflicting info. I need to find one that is more straight froward with info.

    1. Laura, there are a lot of different 'methods' online for sure for the fermented garlic honey. I chose the most conservative method combined with what I knew to be true. I'd much rather be safe than sorry so most of the fermenting takes place in the refrigerator, yes, it takes longer, but I don't worry about it making me sick.

    2. Thank you so much, this makes me feel better about doing it.

  3. I enjoy both of your blogs so much! Thank you for taking the time to encourage us.

    1. Shayla, you are so encouraging, thank you so much!