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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Blogmas 2023: 11/29

 Let me tell you about my Christmas SOCKS in today's Blogmas post!!!!

Yes, I like Christmas socks and have several pair.  Some were gifted to me and some I purchased for myself during after Christmas holiday sales!

Some I use as part of my Christmas decorations ...

To me, they add just the right touch for places that need a little something extra ... what do you think?

The rest of my Christmas socks are worn at home and or when we go out.  I really get the 'mileage' out of my socks, I guess that's why they are always on my after Christmas sales shopping list!!!

I hope you've enjoyed today's entry!

Why I do Blogmas:  

It's no secret that I love everything about Christmas!  From the day after Thanksgiving till the last box of Christmas decor is packed away and put back in storage for the next year, I love every bit of it!   My husband and I are senior citizens who generally spend the holiday season alone.  While we do have lots of very good friends and our church family nearby, all of our children live far, far away and have children of their own to make holiday memories with within their own homes.  They are very thoughtful to include us in as much as possible via technology and we are so grateful to them for going beyond the extra mile to include us.  

I started doing Blogmas because I had a choice, either lose myself in sorrow over what I could not change or embrace the love I have for the season and share it with others.   I chose to share my joy in the journey not only with my children and grandchildren long-distance, but with others who love the season as I do and who just might find themselves spending the holidays alone as well. I hope in some small way you get a glimpse of holiday joy through these Blogmas posts and that it spills over into your life this holiday season!

Meet you back here tomorrow!

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  1. I am crazy picky about how my socks 'feel' on my feet so while I don't wear Christmas socks I do love them.

    1. Lana, there's not much more uncomfortable than an uncomfortable sock is there!

  2. I only like thin socks. Crazy I know since most folks like cushiony socks. I don’t like the way they feel on my feet. Almost like my feet are choking. lol

    1. Lee Ann, those are the ones that I wear around the house without shoes!