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Monday, December 4, 2023

Blogmas 2023: 12/4

Before I share today's Blogmas  post, I have to share what my youngest granddaughter said when I sent her the picture of the Grinch and told her I got to meet him.  The conversation went like this ...

Grandma (me):  "look who grandma got to meet today."

Granddaughter:  "Oh no, he can steal all your presents and your tree!"

Grandma:  "He was trying to, but we sang to him and his heart grew really big and he put all the presents back!"

Granddaughter:   made a 'awwwww' face!

This conversation via technology made this grandma just smile all over!

Now on to today's Blogmas  post ...

I wanted to add a bit of Christmas to the jewelry I wore to church yesterday, so, I pulled out these candy cane earrings that I made out of charms I got from a craft store last year for 50% off.  They were easy to make, I just slipped an earring 'hanger' into the loop at the top of the candy canes, closed the hanger with a pair of plyers and viola they were done!

I like to wear bracelets so that was the next thing I looked for, nope, not one single Christmas bracelet in my collection!  It was time to get creative, so I cut a piece of Christmas ribbon and enlisted the aid of my husband to tie it on my wrist and again, viola ... a Christmas bracelet that went really well with the other bracelets I had chosen to wear!

Ya'll ... (yes, I'm from the south) it's the little things that make Christmas fun, whether it's having a conversation with a granddaughter about the Grinch, 'making' a Christmas bracelet out of what you have on hand or any other numerous things you can do!  Make your own Christmas joy, don't let your joy be dependent upon or controlled by others!

Why I do Blogmas:  

It's no secret that I love everything about Christmas!  From the day after Thanksgiving till the last box of Christmas decor is packed away and put back in storage for the next year, I love every bit of it!   My husband and I are senior citizens who generally spend the holiday season alone.  While we do have lots of very good friends and our church family nearby, all of our children live far, far away and have children of their own to make holiday memories with within their own homes.  They are very thoughtful to include us in as much as possible via technology and we are so grateful to them for going beyond the extra mile to include us.  

I started doing Blogmas because I had a choice, either lose myself in sorrow over what I could not change or embrace the love I have for the season and share it with others.   I chose to share my joy in the journey not only with my children and grandchildren long-distance, but with others who love the season as I do and who just might find themselves spending the holidays alone as well. I hope in some small way you get a glimpse of holiday joy through these Blogmas posts and that it spills over into your life this holiday season!

Meet you back here tomorrow!

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  1. That was a precious moment with your granddaughter! I love the simplicity of the ribbon on your wrist; i need to join you on that one!šŸ’œ

    1. Esmerelda, thank you, it was super easy to make!

  2. Good morning, I’m enjoying your Blogmas posts ❤️šŸŽ„❤️

  3. What a precious time with your granddaughter! When our two year old grandson was here for Thanksgiving I gave him an advent calendar with the little chocolates inside. Dec.1 we got a video in a text f him crying his heart out because he only got to have ONE piece of candy. Poor little guy!

    I like your bracelet and you are so creative! I have a chunky bead bracelet with charms that I wear every Christmas. It makes me happy.

    We had an interesting night with deer grazing in our front yard. They kept setting off the motion lights and walking past the driveway alarm. Maybe the grandkids would think they were some of Santa's reindeer. Poppa did take pictures out the window.

    1. Lana, poor little guy is right! I bet your grands would love to see the pictures of the deer ... I mean 'reindeer' checking out your yard for the big night!!!