Monday, March 18, 2019

Greenhouse Repair and Expansion: Part 11 (Final Greenhouse post)

Our greenhouse repair and expansion is finished!!!  What a massive project this was but I'm loving the finished product!  It was so worth all the hard work we put into it!

Here's where we left off in the last post …

we were ready to install the greenhouse covering!

 Here's the greenhouse covering laid out in the yard, it's still folded though.  This was one massive piece of greenhouse covering!

Before we could put the greenhouse covering on though we had to place tar paper along the pressure treated lumber ...

Then it was time to hoist the covering up over and onto the framework of the greenhouse!  Let's just say that took some doing!   Then we cut another strip of tar paper the length of the greenhouse, folded it in half and laid it on top of the film at the bottom sides of the greenhouse.  We held it all in place with some concrete blocks as there was much pulling to be done to get it tight.  We started at the front end and secured the film … see how we did it.  Hubby cut out and I painted these pieces to use to attach and secure the plastic to the front of the greenhouse.  We did this all across the top and sides of the front and back pulling from end to end to get it tight.

Then it was on to the sides where we pulled and pulled and then pulled some more until we had it tight and wrinkle free.  Then we secured it with concrete blocks all the way on both sides.

Here's a peak inside!

Notice those hooks on the wooden beam, those are for hanging baskets!

and finally …

Here's the outside! We need to purchase a few more pavers to finish placing across the front and we need to trim the excess covering there on the left front side but those are minor things that we can take care of in a matter of minutes.  We are counting this project done!!

The finished size is 12 feet wide and 30 feet long!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about this journey.  I am so happy to have a working greenhouse again!  I have big plans for it!!

She looketh well to the ways of her household … Proverbs 31:27

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  1. I am amazed that you guys built this all by yourselves. It is wonderful and I can't wait to see all the good things you grow in there. I think you two need a day off!

    1. Lana, thank you, my sore muscles are a reminder that we did indeed do it ourselves!!! I like the idea of a day off!!!

  2. Patsy so relate to the sore muscles here too :) on the DIY projects. The main point here is like us you stand back and look it and get a sense of achievement and say "we built that". Also there is a satisfaction in knowing that you probably know what a tradesman would have charged you to build the same and say I don't need others to do it for me even though it took a while to accomplish it and it saved me a fortune doing it ourselves.

    The greenhouse looks wonderful and I am so happy you were able to do it all yourselves. You will have many years of happy planting of produce in it for years to come :) .

    We have progressed a little more on our grapevine enclosure and got more posts down and purchased 6 above ground garden beds and a post auger to dig our holes for our kangaroo garden enclosure with which will be here next week :). It all takes time and money and we are working things into the budget as we have the cash to do it with.

    Have a great week :).

    sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Lorna, you said it so well, yes there is a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that we did this and the amount of money we saved using what we had when we could. It does take time and money; we started thinking about and gathering supplies for this project last summer. It sounds like you are making progress on your garden area too!

  3. Very impressed. Well done to you both.

  4. Congratulations, Patsy--it's a marvel of function and beauty! I hope we get to see lots more of the inside as you make that space your own!

    1. Sue, thank you. I will be sharing more especially in the fall when we plan to utilize it through the winter months.

  5. Yay, so glad it is finished. I now have greenhouse envy. Thank you for sharing the process with us. I learned so much. I know you cant wait to get plants in there. Cindy Jane

    1. Cindy Jane, Thank you, it'll take a while to get it filled but that's okay, I'll enjoy that journey too!!!

  6. It came out great. Can't wait to see what you grow in it.

    1. Making Cents of It All, I have big plans for it!!!


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