Friday, November 15, 2019

Making Bread Crumbs Using Marked Down Bread!

When our children were young and at home, I made home-made bread on a weekly basis.  But, now that they are all grown with their own homes and now that hubby and I need to watch our carb intake, we eat very little bread.

Consequently, when I need bread crumbs I have to buy them from the grocery store or do this ...

I purchase marked down bread from the grocery store.  This particular time I found Italian loaf bread on clearance, so that's what I purchased.

I brought them home, sliced them into approximately 1/4 inch thick slices, then cut the slices into 3 pieces each.  It didn't take long at all to have the bread ready for drying.

Since we've been using the woodstove almost continuously the last several days, I set the bread on the hearth and let it sit there over night where it was warm and toasty.

The next morning the bread was completely dry so I put it in the food processor along with the following spices … paprika, black pepper, sea salt, garlic powder and onion powder and turned it into seasoned bread crumbs.

I transferred it into these jars, put a lid on them, labeled them and stored them in the refrigerator where they will stay until needed for a recipe.

Taking advantage of mark-downs and grocery store clearance items is just one way I save money at the grocery store.

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  1. That bread is so good that I am sure it made wonderful breadcrumbs. When we are out of town at the lake we buy that bread since we don't want to fool with homemade over there.

    1. Lana, it worked up beautifully! I'm going to keep an eye out for more of it 'in the marked down' section at the grocery store!

  2. What a great idea adding the extra seasonings with the bread
    all ready for when you need breadcrumbs 🍞

    1. fiona, it's more convenient for me to have the bread crumbs ready for use when I'm ready to use them.


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