Sunday, August 1, 2021

Christmas in July 2021: Part 2

In part 1 I shared a couple of things I had completed in order to get a head start on Christmas this year.

In part 2, I'm sharing the rest of the Christmas aprons I completed.

Stitching these up definitely put me in the mood for Christmas but, alas, it's too soon to use them so as soon as this photo was taken, I pulled them down, folded them up and packed them away until we get closer to Christmas!

I also did these cross stitch pieces ...

and turned them into ...

a mini pillow ...
(my plan is to do several different mini pillows and fill this small wooden bowl with them for Christmas décor.)

this (hang stocking) is going to be made into a pillow cover slip for a small pillow I have ...

and finally, I've been working on a leaders and enders Christmas quilt using my Christmas fabric scraps.  I try to keep a few strips on hand ready to stitch up at the beginning of every sewing project and at the end of every sewing project.  It doesn't take long to zip a few strips through the machine and it's a good way, over time, to complete a quilt top.

Other Christmas preps I did this month include purchasing food items that will store well until I'm ready to start doing holiday baking/cooking in November and December.

This concludes my Christmas in July for 2021, I'm happy with what I accomplished!


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