Monday, January 3, 2022

That's A Wrap: Christmas 2021

Outside the wind is howling and the temps are dropping. For the past several days we've been in the 70 - 80-degree range but all that is changing. Tonight, our low is supposed to be 27 ... Yikes! Folks that is very cold for our area!

Not to fear though, we are tucked in nice and warm with heat from our woodstove supplementing our central heating unit and are quite cozy.

And, since doing anything outside other than what has to be done is out of the question, I started working on my inside 'to-do' list. I have an ongoing outside to-do list and an ongoing inside to-do list!

This morning I opted to finish putting away Christmas stuff ... all except this notebook. It's my Christmas journal of sorts.

In it I keep a record of who we send Christmas cards to each year, what gifts we give to whom, gift ideas and any notes I want to remember for the following Christmas.

This morning before I closed up this notebook I flipped over and started a section for Christmas 2022. I wrote down 3 people's name and gift ideas I already have for them. I get gift ideas from listening to others talking, people really do share a lot about their likes and dislikes in their conversations.

Throughout the year, I'll make notes in this little notebook when appropriate, in the meantime it stays in a basket by my recliner where it’s easy to reach.

That's a wrap for Christmas 2021 ... let the planning and plotting begin for 2022! To me the journey is as much fun as the actual day!


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  1. I've kept a Christmas card log for around 20 yrs. It's fun & sometimes a little sad to go back through it. I also put a check mark by those who send me a card. I do that so on the busy years I make sure to at the very least get cards sent to the faithful ones.

    1. Jenny, that's a good idea to mark the ones you received cards from, and yes, sometimes it's a sad trip down memory lane.

  2. The cold sure is hard to take after last week's temps! The wind was howling much of the night here. I have a notebook too and it sure makes life easier for Christmas. I also have a folder of all the recipes I use every Christmas and that got put away today. We were talking today about how much we miss the tree lights but it is all packed away until our college kid neighbor comes to help put it all back up in the attic. The only thing left to do is process two hams into the freezer. I may save one whole since I don't know how Easter will look and if hams will be available or affordable.

    1. Lana, it sure is!!! Brrr!!! We got 2 hams too and froze one ... just in case!

  3. I should make a Christmas journal. It sounds helpful.

    1. Practical Parsimony, I find it very helpful!

  4. I too keep a Christmas journal and refer to it year to year. Today I spent some time going through my new day-timer and listing appointments, birthdays etc. I also set up my budget envelopes as I need to get my emergency fund replenished and I need to save for certain items. It is very helpful to read how others set up these challenges and then follow through. I don't have a garden or even a balcony but I can meal plan and rotate my pantry and ensure that I don't waste food.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Yes! I do the same just jot down notes and names after listening to people just chatter. It's amazing how many clues you can get rather than asking the direct question, "What would you like?" At which point they all seem to go mum and think they're taking a pop quiz, lol.


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