Friday, May 27, 2022

He Shops, She Shops!: #2

 We did our weekly/semi-weekly 'bargain' shopping this morning and it went like this ...

Can you guess which items hubby found?

If you guessed the bacon and steak, you are right ...

Smithfield bacon:  original price - $6.49 ... we paid $.99  (It will be added to the freezer for future use.)

Jamestown bacon:  original price $3.99 ... we paid $.99   (It will be added to the freezer for future use.)

Carolina Pride bacon:  original price ... $5.79 ... we paid $.99   (It will be added to the freezer for future use.)

Ribeye Steak:  Original price ... $17.50 ... we paid $7.87  (This is going in the freezer too for a future 'special occasion' meal.)

Total original price of all combined:  $33.77

Clearance price total of all combined:  $10.84

Amount saved:  $22.93

That's how hubby did, but how did I do?  Let's see ...

I found the chicken ...

1 whole chicken ... original price ... $12.32 .... we paid $5.53

1 whole chicken ... original price ... $12.04 ... we paid $5.41

1 package of chicken thighs ... original price ... $5.10 ... we paid $2.29

1 package chicken breast ... original price $7.33 ... we paid $3.29

(All the chicken is in the process of being canned as I write this post!)

There was more chicken on clearance but they limited us to 2 of each  ... because of food shortages (their words, not mine)!  In all my years of shopping I have never been told that there was a limit on how many clearance items you could purchase!   Hmmm ...

Total original price:  $36.79

Clearance price:  $16.52

Amount saved:  $20.27

We think we had a pretty good 'bargain' shopping experience.  We saved more than we spent and that's a good thing!

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  1. Those are some great bargains! You know it is a victory when you save more than you spend. I guessed correctly on the bacon and I must say, that was a STEAL.

    1. Kelsey, we thought the bacon was a steal too!

  2. Replies
    1. Practical Parsimony, we thought they were and were thankful to find them!

  3. The bacon price is incredible! And yes, that is very strange about the clearance limits. The point of a clearance bin is to get the items moved out of the store. That is concerning for sure.

    1. MamaHen, we were very surprised to find the clearance limits in this store. It's the only store where we've found that restriction.

  4. Those are great deals on meat, particularly the bacon! I'm also confused by the clearance limits. Totally understand limits on typical sale prices, to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to buy at the discount price. Clearance items, however, are typically about to spoil & need to be sold quickly. I'd assume the new policy would just increase the potential for food waste, which seems sad.

    1. Hawaii Planner, it made no sense to us either ... I agree it's very confusing! We did find out that this store is the only one in this chain of stores that has this policy.

  5. I agree that it's odd they'd place limits on clearance items...I wonder how that will play out for them in the end. Great buys!

  6. Great deals! We don't get meat mark downs like that here. Which store should we be checking? That is really weird about the limits.

    We did go to the discount store this morning and found 5 Betty Crocker muffin mixes for 75 cents each. A bottle of Sarna lotion for 2.99 which I am pretty sure is over $10 regular retail. A package of Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles for 1.25 and 2 packs of Pepperidge Farm buns and a loaf of raisin bread for $1 each. We were offered a free pack of vegan butter for buying bread but we turned it down because we would not eat it. They have cases of the sausage crumbles for 4.99 but we wanted to give it a try before committing to eating and entire case.

    1. Lana, the deals came from a locally owned grocery store named Hills and then some from a local Food Lion.

  7. Having done "my time" in retail, I would suggest that that store has someone who comes in, buys all the clearance and then resells it to make a profit, perhaps by altering the "sell by" dates. (I would lean strongly in this direction if it is the only store in the chain that has this restriction) Personally I have no problem with this restriction if there is a limited amount of clearance available....but if there is a HUGE amount to be sold while still fresh, the restriction should be a higher number. Given that you shop together you could have EACH bought 2 of the clearance items increasing your stock more. (Assuming you check out as separate customers. I made my partner get his own "savings card" so we can do exactly that, since they track your purchases via that *$%# card.)

    1. Cass, that might be a reason, I don't know. We've since learned that this store has a reputation for being really strict on enforcing their 'own' limits.


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