Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Preserving Okra

A friend asked my hubby if he would harvest the okra from his garden while he and his wife went out of town.  My hubby said of course, which led to this ....

... lots of really nice okra!  
I washed it and let it drain while I got things ready to start preserving it.

I cut it all up ... isn't that a nice big bowl of okra?

I filled the dehydrator ...
Once it's dry, I'll powder some of it to go in smoothies and to use to thicken soups.  The portion that I don't powder will be used to add to soups and stews and to pan fry.  I did a post about this time last year on how I rehydrate dehydrated okra and pan fried it.

I froze some for making okra soup.

While we're on the topic of okra, here's how I boil mine ... I DO NOT like slimy okra!

I hope you've enjoyed my little 'okra' post.  We'll need to harvest it at least one more time before the friend returns home so I'm sure I'll be doing this all over again in just a few days!  We feel blessed!

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  1. That is a lot of okra. What a blessing!

  2. That's wonderful! Now I need some okra to try out the dehydrator!

  3. I love okra, so of course I enjoyed the post!

  4. I bought frozen okra to dehydrate. Tommy gobbled it like popcorn. I cannot stand the feel, look of slime, or smell of okra. However, I dehydrated the okra along with Roma tomatoes to enter in the Fair. I entered a pint of dehydrated okra and tomatoes. Of course, this was a jar of food meant to be cooked. I won a blue ribbon. Maybe you could use it for a healthy snack.

  5. Spray dehydrated okra with a touch of oil, sprinkle with salt and eat it like popcorn. It is good but seems to need some kind of spice or something. I'm still experimenting with the right mix but would love to know if you have tried it that way. Does anyone have any suggestions?