Monday, March 13, 2023

Making Turmeric Capsules: 3/13/23

 I like to fill pill containers with supplements and prescribed medications that I take.  When it's time to take them all I have to do is open the container compartment for that day, dump its contents in my hand and swallow them with liquid.  This is just easier for me!

It was time to refill the container compartments today and I was well into it when I realized I had let myself run out of turmeric pills.  Yep, it does happen!!!  (I take turmeric for arthritis and for inflammation.  My body responds well to it for both of these conditions.  I'm not a doctor, I'm just sharing what works for me.)  

But all was not lost as I had a backup plan ... make my own! (I used to make them all the time before I found a brand that I felt good about taking.)  Out came the turmeric powder, black pepper and capsules.  I filled enough to finish filling the pill compartments where turmeric pills were lacking.

I don't have a specific formula, I just dump turmeric powder into a small bowl, eyeball the amount of black pepper to add and mix it all up.  I then fill the capsules and I'm finished.  Of course, I'm left with pretty yellow/orange fingers every single time!!!

It always pays to have a backup plan!!!

Update 3/14/23 ... I've been asked what brand of turmeric I purchase and use ... the brand is NOW Turmeric and Bromelain (affiliate link)

Until tomorrow ...

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  1. Glad you could easily restock! A lot was accomplished here today. Ready to get the root canal done tomorrow.

    1. Lana, I will be lifting you up in prayer that all goes well with the root canal.

    2. Thank you! It is at noon.

  2. Patsy if you do not mind sharing what brand turmeric did you find. Thank you. Joyce

    1. Joyce, I added a link to the post for the brand that I purchase.


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